Drastic Moves

People with autism sometimes do weird or different movements with their bodies.  This is weird to most people, but not to autistics like me.  Sometimes our brains make us do moves that we can’t help or stop.  Understand that it’s utterly not bad behavior, it’s  how we process lots of information.

I like to illuminate my mind doing drastic moves like jumping and rocking.  Sometimes I use my feet to bang on the floor, and get my mind on track again.  Movement like this helps me align my mind to pleasing aptitudes of autism calm totally awesome.

So if you see someone with autism doing drastic moves, don’t be alarmed; they are just helping themselves.



3 thoughts on “Drastic Moves

  1. Thank you , Henry.
    I love reading this and think you should write a book. I like your works better than THE REASON I JUMP by Naoki Higashida
    I feel his was written more by his mother . Just my private thoughts.
    Can I ask a question ? My grandson Brayden , is just 4 but jumps all the time. Is he in pain with his nerves before he jumps ?? How exactly is he feeling ?? Pain or more tickling ??
    We bought him a trampoline and he loves it . Often he hangs upside down …
    I love autistic people.
    I think you’re unique and very wonderful , Henry ..
    Thank you so much !!!!!

    Sending you love ,
    Tara from Washington , State


    • I think he is jumping because autism doesn’t align our senses properly to the ground. We jump to feel like we are on the ground, not floating. Thank you for understanding your grandson. Rain love down on him always so he can grow into a beautiful person. Utterly thank you for mentioning me doing a book. I really want to. ~ Henry


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