Sensory World

Autism presents us with many questions, not the least of which being; how does it affect the way autistics process information through the senses?

In my experience, it is hard to process multiple sensory inputs at once.  When I get too all consumed with input, I get upset.  Roaring sounds of people talking makes my brain go haywire.  But, beautiful music aligns autism to pleasing utter calmness aptitudes.  Pacing back and forth allows me to take in more sounds.

When attention deficits come together with autism, it is very hard indeed to keep from getting so upset.  I often get angry when too much processing taxes all of my neurological resources.  Being in class takes all of my energy.  I need frequent breaks to recharge my neurons, and align myself again.  Arranging my schedule to include music and resting autism helps me to be able to cope with all of the demands on my system.

All autistics need to regulate themselves all the time and it’s very hard.  Please extend to us your loving patience and utter compassion, friends.  Autism thanks you.




4 thoughts on “Sensory World

    • This blog is a great idea Henry and I am so glad you are sharing all the knowledge you have with all of us! I am proud of you – Mrs. Endres


  1. I hope my 14 year old son grows to be like you, Henry. Church when he was younger was so difficult and felt so unwelcoming. Now a younger priest makes things better, yet there are still times of despair . We as Catholics should be the most compassionate towArd all souls as our Lord taught us. I hope the church gets the trickle down from theHoly See and opens hearts. Being a parent it hurts when others stare at you and your child who appears typical on the outside yet acts outside of the social norm. Our church should be where we feel loved. God bless all your precious souls and families.


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