Storm the castle

Autism is totally great to have if you have supportive family, and friends, and teachers.  I have all of those, I am very blessed.

Keeping a positive outlook and fostering good habits are helpful for autistic people to feel competent. When you give responsibilities to autistic kids, you encourage them in pursuing their potential, not remaining stagnant.

I have learned to do a lot of things with loving guidance from mom and teachers. They know I have talent and potential, even though I have challenges too.  I appreciate that they assume I’m competent.

For example, my mom has taught me to put away clean dishes and take out garbage to help my family.  She thinks I’m responsible enough and trusts me.  Sometimes it takes a long time to learn new tasks but she keeps me going. Teachers have helped me to learn to cope with challenges by never letting me give up even when I’m difficult.

So, if you love someone who is autistic keep storming the castle of their potential and you will reap the rewards.


5 thoughts on “Storm the castle

  1. Dear Henry,

    Every time I read your words, I feel like I’ve been instructed by a very intelligent and wise teacher. I always know more after I read what you wrote.

    The people who respect you so much– your mom and teachers– when they stormed your castle, they found a very brave prince inside. But they were not surprised. Your mom has always known you are a very brave prince, Henry. Now a lot of other people have learned it too.

    I look forward to everything you write.

    I wonder, have you had a chance to play the drums lately?

    Your friend,


  2. Love, love, LOVE this post. Permission to reblog? I think your words will encourage and inspire my (predominantly ASD parents) community as your words inspire me.


  3. Henry,

    You truly have insight that few kids your age have, and even many adults.

    You have accomplished so much and it makes me very proud to be your aunt. Don’t ever forget the great things you bring to this world, and how much I, and everyone else loves you.

    -Lisette ♡

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