Autistic ways

Counting on others to help you can be difficult when people don’t ‘get’ autism.

You have to understand that others are trying to help, even though they may be making things worse.  Some align things too much to the typical person way of doing things, without considering that the autistic person may not manage to do it that way.  Some autistic people can’t glean information from facial expressions or tone of voice, and misunderstand directions, but are trying hard to do what they are asked. Anytime autism cooperates  with mind to execute commands, it takes a lot of energy and willpower.

Reminding myself to stay on task despite rapid fire in brain is very taxing.  Autism is very tiring to have.  When autism is overtaxed by demands, I get utterly rampant angry and can lash out.  This it’s not because I want to cause everyone strife, it’s my eminent reaction to stress.  It means I need to stop and rest autism.

Anyone who works with autistic kids needs to remember that their way of doing things isn’t necessarily the autistic way.  Explore faceted ways of accomplishing tasks that don’t overtax autism’s neurology system.


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