Long time

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Since the last time, a lot has changed.

School didn’t work out well for me, and I had time off before starting at a new school. I went there for seven days before Christmas break and I’ll go back after break. It is a very small school which is nice, and all of my classmates are autistic too. So far I have loved music therapy and gym, but the rest has been a hard adjustment. I get very consumed with anxiety and upset and do things I shouldn’t like pull the fire alarm. I know I shouldn’t do it but my impulse to do it is so strong that I’m powerless to stop myself; someone else has to stop me. I’m hoping that as time goes on I will be less alarmed at school and will do well there.

In retrospect, I think a school like this would have been good for me years ago; they have a totally different set up that is more aligned to the needs of autism. There are great things like music therapy and bikes we can ride in the hall after lunch. It’s also eminent awesome that there are different ways offered to communicate with teachers like iPad apps and keyboards to type on, and pictures too.  One more great thing for me is that I don’t feel conspicuous doing normal autistic moves and vocals like flapping hands and moaning, because it’s normal there among us autistic kids.

I hope this school turns out to be the right school for me, and that I can align autism to calm daily for ultimate success. I hope you can pray for me that it works out.

Love, Autism Henry


Christmas I got Blokus an awesome game


One thought on “Long time

  1. Merry Christmas, Henry! I will pray every day that you are happy and calm at your new school.

    Here is a personal story: when I was in third grade ( 8 years old) I had a teacher who made me very nervous. She expected behavior I was unable to do. For instance, when she taught a lesson, she wanted all students to sit very still and listen. I could not. If I was going to sit very still, it required all my attention and I was too distracted to listen. (Even as a grown up now, if Im supposed to listen and learn from someone talking, I have to doodle pictures or knit or walk around.)

    Anyway, because my teacher made me very nervous, I did many annoying things. One day at a fire drill, we were instructed to remain absolutely silent. All the students were lined up outside in the grass. Everyone was silent. I could not help the impulse and I shouted, “Fire! Fire! Fire!”.

    All the grown ups were very displeased, especially my teacher and the school principal. They called my mother on the phone. She was very displeased too. They all said, with great annoyance and exasperation, ” Monica, what are we going to do with you?”

    I did not know what they should do with me.

    Anyway, Henry, I am happy to pray for you. When I do pray for you, I have the warm and happy feeling that Jesus loves you especially. I feel that His Sacred Heart is filled with love for Henry.

    I am happy to be your friend.

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