Spring thoughts

Spring awakens senses to all creation.

Autistic mind elaborates sounds of birds calling out to the creator, “we are made to beautify the world with life!”

All things play to the orchestra of creation singing, “awake! All things are made new!”

Even living aligned to neurological normalcy you will someday pass away. Autism spring dons appreciation on all life and lives.

Birds aren’t small to God, He sees each fluffy fat one with affection. How much more does He love autism me and autism you?

Esteem life to highest regards; we all can be made new in spring.


Shoveling last of snow from my yard.

Love, Autism Henry


5 thoughts on “Spring thoughts

  1. Henry,

    Thank you so much. My brother is 17 and non-verbal autistic. We still haven’t found a way for him to communicate but we are hopeful. Your words encouraged me so much and helped me understand a lot that I did not understand before. I read your blog to my brother. I hope he enjoyed it as well.

    You are amazing!



  2. I really appreciate reading what you write. You are so inspirational to me. Your words make it easier for me to explain to my friends and family why my son is the way he is. Everything you write, I see in my son. You are a beautiful human being and my prayers are with you. I look forward to reading your next writings.


  3. I am so in love with the verse “He sees each fluffy fat one with affection.” The combination of the different f sounds fills my heart with joy. Maybe that’s an autism thing, many of us like to play with words.


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