Autism is the mother of so much heartache in people’s lives for the wrong reasons. Autism is not a wrong way of being, it’s different, and in some ways superior to typical.

Autism gives me an outlook on life that is unique, somewhat due to the fact that I am not constantly talking in response to everything going on. Most people are rather obsessed with themselves and their own opinions, and lack listening skills. A cacophony of talking accompanies most every gathering. Somehow, constant prattling on is comforting to neurotypicals. They conceal their inner insecurities by never allowing a break in conversation.

Meanwhile, because autism apraxia doesn’t allow me to speak, I can listen to all and carefully consider all perspectives. This gives me a great advantage in life, I believe. There is not the expectation on me to come up with the right responses immediately. So, I am able to take time to assimilate what I learn through listening. This is by far the best way for me to learn.

Autism really is a pleasant listening life. There is so much richness to being a captive audience to the eminent orchestra of life all around me.


Me on my laptop listening to music.


2 thoughts on “Listening

  1. I love this post Henry! I agree with your observations completely. I would like to become more like you in the way you listen. It is such an underrated, but immensely important skill. If we were better listeners, I think we would be a much more compassionate and peaceful society. Keep writing! I love hearing from you.


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