Unfounded fear

Apprehension about vaccines causing autism are grounded in fear, not science, or love.

Stop being afraid of having a kid like me, because I’m autistic and I’m proud of myself. I have days patently awesome in life and days that are hard like anyone else. Autism is not afflicting me with a horrid life of pain;
it challenges me to find my way in a world with a different operating system.

My mom sees me as a whole person, not a partly autistic person that needs a cure. I’m autistic in every fiber of my being, so you can’t separate me from myself. Happiness comes from knowing I’m enumerably blessed to be accepted wholly not divided from my unique self, gaping autism mind against normalcy.

Vaccines can’t make a unique person like me, they don’t have that power; only God does, and He loved me into being.


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Back to School

Necessary accommodations for keeping on track at school include many things. Of primary importance are teachers who know you are smart, and paying attention, even when autism moves make it seem like you aren’t. 

Allowing time to process information and respond is alarmingly important too, since autistic neurology has issues with motor processing which makes feeling your body in space difficult.

Another important tactical ploy for attention deficit is physical stimulation like deep pressure from blankets, or alloting time for loafing around with music to calm to.

I am taking algebra, human geo, and biology, and I am so stoked to learn more and more.  With laudable efforts from my teachers and aide, I am confident I will do awesome work and learn a lot.

I am hoping my peers are accepting of my autistic idiosyncrasies and are patient with my noises.  I look forward to all that high school has to offer.  Attendance problems due to anxiety can hopefully be a thing of the past if concordant strategies for autism success are used. I want to be at school consistently to be a part of the class of 2018.


Ominous tales of soporific nonsense about autism harm the autistic community, by making autism eminent awful sounding, and utterly obstinate to change and growth.

So many people don’t know the ins and outs of autism but they fear it for no good reason. Fear is not conducive to openness and friendship. Enormous obstacles to autism acceptance are only leaving autistics and their families out of society where they rightfully belong.

I have had to be home a ton and not participate in school and other things all due to autism related anxiety over socializing. I have to battle myself to go out the door and face the world knowing parents don’t want a kid like me. How would you like to have to face that daily? My mom is always with me in case I need help, but she needs a break once in awhile. She doesn’t like people telling her that autism is a problem because she sees the humanity in all, not just typicals.

Alarmingly few people believe in autism abilities, but they also don’t attempt to think outside the box about how to exemplify autism, and not quash it’s inherent gifts. If autistics aren’t accepted in their faulted and fragile human state, then a separate world is created to contain them like animals. It is wrong to expect everyone to be the same. All people have inherent dignity. Including autistics is good for a healthy community and families. How can you help autism families be included?

~ Henry