Care givers

So much injustice reigns over the disabled, and the privileged shirk their responsibilities instead of being loving to their fellow man.

Ordinary man is charged with taking care of others as the most noble of pursuits, but the work of care giving is probably the most belittled work there is. Someone making their life’s work caring for even one person is doing God’s most important work, totally. But, these dedicated people get little to no support and their pay is no more than a pittance of soot. Morale in these jobs is low and lonely, but they are so vitally important and so loved by those whom they steadfastly serve and help. Sometimes they get no breaks and no time to themselves.

Moms in particular have so much on their plates and can be so maligned just for having kids, and especially special needs kids, and can be said to be doing nothing when they don’t work outside the home. This attitude says a lot about what our society values and devalues.

People need loving care and to have bonds of trust. Kids like me and others with intense needs, arrestingly require another person’s support. That is not a bad, or sad, or burdensome thing, and we don’t need to feel bad about our state of humanness and what we need. We have as much right to exist and to be loved and supported as typicals. So it alarms me when I see that being a care giver has so little respect and support. These people are the backbone of society and are vital to the health and survival of legions of humans. They deserve our utmost respect and our tangible support for the work that they do.

I love my care giver mom and want her and all moms and carers to have the support and respect they so deserve. We are truly out to sea without them.