My autistic learning mind

No erroneous application of Kodak moments can illustrate how my autistic mind learns.  It sees and remembers all visual stimuli so fast it’s dizzying to me.  Calming the indigenous areas of my frontal cortex takes monumental strengths to align autism to.  When I see words I know them forever, not temporarily.  I don’t ever need to spell check anything.

When I was two I could read.  I didn’t need to be taught, I just learned.  Mom always read to me, so I just aligned words ultimately immortalized in my autistic mind.

Having been able to read for so long I have memorized volumes upon volumes of information.  So much that it drives me nutty sometimes.  Glaring memories of words can haunt me evermore.

Autism has gifted me with the ability to succeed academically if I’m able to conquer other challenges, like ADHD, and anxiety, and sensory alignment.  I am thankful to God for the gifts of autism, and hope for His help with the challenges.  So many people struggle with reading every day, and I don’t.  I’m very lucky.Image