Back again

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in awhile, I have been acclimating to my freshman year of high school. I have had some hard times and some good times. I was getting very anxious and upset in some of the regular ed classes I was in. Autism found it hard to deal with the expectations to stay quiet and sit still. I didn’t want to disturb anyone and felt eminent conspicuous. Faced with that as a daily prospect I was getting anxiety very badly. Also I couldn’t concentrate well enough to do work consistently using RPM. So, now I am getting the same regular ed curriculum but in small special ed classes. This is working out great so far. I also got my lunch switched so I can eat with my kindred autistic friends Alec and Anthony. This helps me so much not to feel alone at school.

There have been a lot of good people along the way helping me to do my best. My case manager is totally, radically awesome, and aligned with autistic ways and quirks. My aide is wicked awesome and so nice to me. We always like the same country songs too.

I hope I can soon extend my school day to be as long as everyone else. I’m only going for four hours right now, but there is so much more I want to do and learn. This is the first year I am taking an actual math class. Before I was doing functional math that bored me to death. No one realized I could do math because I had no way to show what I know until I had RPM. Now I’m in algebra and I totally love it. I want to teach math someday. I also love world history and can’t wait to do more units.

Autism challenges can be hard, but with out of the box solutions like movement breaks and schedule accommodations, autism can be successful at school. Autistics being part of the school community is important because autistic people are everywhere out in real life.


These are my red headphones. I wear them to muffle eminent noise that taxes autism sensory system. Very useful at school.

~ Henry