Spring thoughts

Spring awakens senses to all creation.

Autistic mind elaborates sounds of birds calling out to the creator, “we are made to beautify the world with life!”

All things play to the orchestra of creation singing, “awake! All things are made new!”

Even living aligned to neurological normalcy you will someday pass away. Autism spring dons appreciation on all life and lives.

Birds aren’t small to God, He sees each fluffy fat one with affection. How much more does He love autism me and autism you?

Esteem life to highest regards; we all can be made new in spring.


Shoveling last of snow from my yard.

Love, Autism Henry


Back to School

Necessary accommodations for keeping on track at school include many things. Of primary importance are teachers who know you are smart, and paying attention, even when autism moves make it seem like you aren’t. 

Allowing time to process information and respond is alarmingly important too, since autistic neurology has issues with motor processing which makes feeling your body in space difficult.

Another important tactical ploy for attention deficit is physical stimulation like deep pressure from blankets, or alloting time for loafing around with music to calm to.

I am taking algebra, human geo, and biology, and I am so stoked to learn more and more.  With laudable efforts from my teachers and aide, I am confident I will do awesome work and learn a lot.

I am hoping my peers are accepting of my autistic idiosyncrasies and are patient with my noises.  I look forward to all that high school has to offer.  Attendance problems due to anxiety can hopefully be a thing of the past if concordant strategies for autism success are used. I want to be at school consistently to be a part of the class of 2018.


So many kids with autism lack the chance to make friends with other kids with autism.  All kids need kindred friends to relate to and form friendships.  It can be hard at school because you are busy working, and it taxes all autism neurology resources just getting through the day.  Arranging things like a camp for special needs is a great opportunity to make kindred friends.

I am going to a camp this summer called Camp Pow Wow. It is awesome.  I get to do so much that I normally wouldn’t get to do, and I have met all kinds of great kids.  We are able to be together and not feel pressure to be like the typical kids.  We can be ourselves and have fun!

Keeping busy is really important too for autism.  Feeling bored in summer is not great for sensory alignment.  Physical activity is regulating to autism sensory system.  When I get to do things like swim in the lake, and hike, and canoe, I feel more clear headed and calm.  Being in nature in the forest is utterly restful and makes me calm.  If more kids could go to a camp like this they would reap so many benefits!


Off to camp

Sensory World

Autism presents us with many questions, not the least of which being; how does it affect the way autistics process information through the senses?

In my experience, it is hard to process multiple sensory inputs at once.  When I get too all consumed with input, I get upset.  Roaring sounds of people talking makes my brain go haywire.  But, beautiful music aligns autism to pleasing utter calmness aptitudes.  Pacing back and forth allows me to take in more sounds.

When attention deficits come together with autism, it is very hard indeed to keep from getting so upset.  I often get angry when too much processing taxes all of my neurological resources.  Being in class takes all of my energy.  I need frequent breaks to recharge my neurons, and align myself again.  Arranging my schedule to include music and resting autism helps me to be able to cope with all of the demands on my system.

All autistics need to regulate themselves all the time and it’s very hard.  Please extend to us your loving patience and utter compassion, friends.  Autism thanks you.